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Wyoming Culinary Travel

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Wyoming’s food is heavily influenced by humble authenticity and rich Western culture — where the buffalo roam free and nature is left to its own devices. This means that you’re getting the freshest, purest and most local cuisine available. Wyoming has executed the farm-to-table, wild game and homegrown restaurant commitment more ▼
long before it was trendy to do so. The state’s signature wide-open spaces, world-class hunting real estate and jagged peaks translate into hearty home cookin’, featuring the likes of fresh Rocky Mountain trout, crisp seasonal veggies, flavor-bursting buffalo and mouth-watering Angus beef. No matter where you end up for a meal, you’ll undoubtedly find delicious concoctions, unparalleled hospitality and Western décor that transports you right back into heyday of the Wild West.

Wyoming Cooking Classes and Cooking Schools

Central Wyoming College Culinary Arts
Jackson (307) 733 - 7425
Learn from courses such as stocks and soups, food preparation of meats and baking to garde manger.

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